Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Australia track guide

There really couldn't be a better track to start the year at, as Albert Park gets the season underway. Here's my track guide.

It might not be a massive challenge for the drivers to learn, but it is a fantastic track, up there with the best and my personal favourite. You start on the pit straight, and brake as late as possible into Turn one, which is just one of the many overtaking areas here. Turn One is incredibly fast, going right and left almost simultaneously, before the long straight on the run down to Turn Three. This is the prime overtaking place as it is a tight right hander, before a short straight into Turn Four, a left hander where Sebastian Vettel perfected his overtake on Jenson Button last year. You have to get a lot of kerb on exit, before the entry to five, which is a right hander taken flat out. Then the long sweeping straight with a left hand kink which means it is a tough right hander for Turn Six. Another sweeping straight is followed by the first of two chicanes. Then there is another long straight with a kink in it, which was where Fernando Alonso brilliantly overtook Kamui Kobayashi last year. This is followed by a fast chicane, before another straight leads onto Ascari corner, where Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber collided in 2010. That right hander leads onto a very short straight, before another right fast right hander. Taking this nearly flat, you then brake very hard for Prost, Turn 15. It is crucial that the braking is right for this very sharp right hander, as Felipe Massa found out with his spin in qualifying last season. You can then take the gentle left hander Turn 16 flat, which brings you onto the pit straight to finish the lap. A classic track to get the season going.


The season starts in Melbourne, and keep with my blog for all the news and reaction from the first Grand Prix of the season.

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