Friday, 23 September 2011

The features F1 2011 needs to make it a great game

A screenshot of F1 2010, but how can it be bettered?

Last year, Codemasters released F1 2010 on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. This year, they are releasing
2011's version, with updated liveries, and the entrance into the game for Paul di Resta, Jerome D'Ambrosio, Sergio Perez and Pastor Maldonado. I want to explain how 2010's version can be improved, and what I want in 2011's game to make it a great game.

First of all, I cannot understand the obsession amongst F1 fans to have a safety car in the game. I realise that it makes the game more realistic, but when it was finally confirmed as 'in' the game, people reacted as if World War Two had just stopped. Anyway, I'm sure it will make the ends of the race interesting for those who do long races. But it won't work well (or at all) without more realism from the AI cars, which I will discuss later. I am really interested to see how Codemasters manage the new KERS and DRS systems, which need to be realistic and tactical enough to attract the hardcore F1 fan but also the casual gamer.

The Toro Rosso area in F1 2011
Last season, the choice of helmet desgins was somewhat disappointing. I realise it is difficult to incorporate making your own into the game, but surely there can be some more choices, or even having real life designs, for instance F1 fans like Alonso's, Hamilton's, Schumacher's helmets, and maybe there could be a way of putting that in. Also, the paddock is exactly the same for every team in F1 2010, which I was extremely disappointed with. That is definitely something that needs to be improved.  Also, the interview system needs improving. it would be good to see more of the actual driver, for instance celebrating with your team after a great result, or been devastated after a crash. I am told that these will be in the game though. I would also like to see a better system with the agent, as well as contracts. You could only be offered a 1-year contract with a team, and it is also unlikely that you would be sacked after you won a championship. Another thing I want is the podium ceremony, which is looking like it could well be in. Car numbers didn't change, nor did even slightly the car designs.

The FOM TV Display, with lap counter and positions.
One of the main issues last year was with the AI cars. They were the most unrealistic part of F1 2010, with stupid results like Tonio Liuzzi regularly on the podium. Also, I would like to see a more realistic representation of the drivers themselves, for example seeing that Vettel is immense in qualifying, that Alonso can come from nowhere, that Button is great on the tyres, that Hamilton is good in the wet, that Kobayashi goes for bansai moves etc would make the game even better. Also, I think it would be good if the proper FOM TV display was shown, like the image shows. Also, it was met with joy when the safety car was confirmed, but in F1 2010, no driver ever crashed, and it didn't really rain hard enough for the SC to come out, so I don't know when the safety car will be used. I just hope that the AI cars are less "Consistent" and crash more, otherwise all the enthusiasm for the safety car will be for nothing. I want to see a realistic version of DRS and KERS, because it is too easy to overtake anyway. For instance, at Canada, the DRS made overtakes arguably too easy, whereas last weekend in Monza, DRS was ineffective. It was quite easy in the wet, as you just went fastest easily. This needs to be improved.

Most of the main points that I have actually looks to have been addressed, because this video, which is hyperlinked below, where the multiplayer mode has been used, recreates action from this season. After seeing this, I am really looking forward to F1 2011. F1 2011 Video - the season so far


  1. Kobayashi did do a banzai chop across me in one race! But I agree the AI is a bit generic and it could have been anyone.

    One thing I dislike is that the hardest setting isn't realism, but instead has the AI elevated to beyond-realistic levels of ability. That said, I have seen drivers make mistakes.

  2. Well said. A great game though!

  3. Yeah, the AI needs to be improved.