Monday, 7 November 2011

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Drinking Game

A more fun way of watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! Just a light-hearted bit of banter.

It is well known that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a race that most don't find exciting, and has problems with action during the race.

In order to light up this dull race, I have produced a drinking game!

If Twitter has gone mad with comments about Eddie Jordan's outfit... Drink Two Shots
If the BBC team discuss Lewis Hamilton's recent incidents with Felipe Massa... Drink One Shot
If David Coulthard uses the words "well, indeed."... Drink One Shot
If Jake Humphrey is drowned out by an engine firing up... Drink Three Shots
If Jake Humphrey is almost run over in the pit lane... Drink Five Shots
If someone mentions that David Coulthard once drove for Red Bull... Drink Two Shots
If Martin Brundle criticises Fernando Alonso's personality on the grid walk... Drink Two Shots
If Martin Brundle doesn't finish his grid walk well... Drink Two Shots
If Mark Webber says "Mate" during an interview with him.. Drink Three Shots
If Fernando Alonso smiles, you are watching the wrong programme.

If Martin Brundle opens commentary by mentioning the surroundings... Drink One Shot
If Red Bull have locked out the front row, and HRT the back row... Drink One Shot
If Martin Brundle starts the race by saying "Look but never stare"... Drink Two Shots
If Mark Webber loses two positions at the start... Drink One Shot
If David Coulthard criticises Michael Schumacher... Drink One Shot
If Fernando Alonso gesticulates to a backmarker in his way... Drink Two Shots
If Lee McKenzie makes the point that a driver "must be bitterly disappointed"... Drink Two Shots
If any team do a pit stop in less than three seconds... Drink Three Shots
If Martin Brundle and David Coulthard mention the undercut... Drink One Shot
If anyone mentions Fernando Alonso's loss of the championship at Abu Dhabi... Drink Two Shots
If Martin Brundle makes a terrible joke involving the Virgin car... Drink Three Shots
If Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso battle for position... Drink One Shot
If Jenson Button's Dad looks drunk... Drink Four Shots
If a camera focuses on Christian Horner's jiggling foot... Drink Three Shots
If Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa collide... Drink Two Shots
If a pointless replay is shown of nothing happening... Drink Three Shots
If David Coulthard starts getting excited about a replay as if it were live action... Drink Four Shots
If Felipe Massa wins... Stop drinking immediately and seek serious medical attention
If Sebastian Vettel tries to sound philosophical on the team radio after winning the race... Drink Three Shots
If Martin Brundle uses the words "an utterly dominant display" during the last lap... Drink Three Shots

If Martin Brundle complains about Sebastian Vettel's finger celebration... Drink One Shot
If Jenson Button complains about the lack of grip... Drink Two Shots
If Lewis Hamilton "thanks the team for all of their efforts"... Drink Two Shots
If Fernando Alonso describes the race as "tough"... Drink Three Shots
If Sebastian Vettel doesn't say "obviously"... Drink Six Shots
If you saw some overtakes during the race... Contact your local Doctor

Thanks to the people on Facebook I spoke to about this, and the many other sites who have made drinking games for Grands Prix, you all inspired me in some way.

*Formula One Discussion and Analysis does in no way support or endorse alcohol abuse, this game is on the site for purely humurous purposes and should not be taken entirely seriously.

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