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Guest Article by Jack Leslie: Jenson's pressing the right Buttons

One of my biggest supporters and a fellow blogger, Jack Leslie has kindly written a guest article for me.
The word “Button” can be used in a number of metaphorical ways, and by coincidence many relate to Jenson Button’s F1 2011 season.

Not only does it seem that the “speed” and “consistency” Buttons have been pressed this season, it also seems the Button “overtake” has been pressed as well. I am not saying that these Button’s were not being used throughout the rest of his F1 career, but it seems this year he has stepped it up another notch. Some say he is even driving better than his 2009 Championship winning season. 

After 11 podium positions in 18 races, Button has certainly had a good year. He even bettered his previous amount of podiums in 2009 of 9 in a season and his 2004 run of 10 podiums; it just shows that his consistency has improved immensely. He has so far only not scored twice, in the British and German Grand Prix’s were the car and pit crew let him down. 

Button and Hamilton: Contrasting seasons
Another Button he has been pressing is his team mate Lewis Hamilton’s. After a poor year in Hamilton’s eyes he has been beaten to the chequered flag by Button on 9 occasions this year alone and that impressive feat has pressed his buttons. Hamilton has been increasingly frustrated about the numerous incidents of which has been involved in, along with the frustration that Button can extract the maximum out of the car when he is unable to. This has led to him questioning his mental state on more than a few occasions. Hamilton’s year would be taken up gladly by the likes of the midfield runners, with 6 podiums of which 3 are wins, but this is not good enough for Hamilton who has never had less than 5 podiums in any of his current F1 season results. 

Jenson Button has not only been calm on the track with his smooth driving style, but off the track too he is happy to talk to fans and press. He is a big fan of the BBC F1 team and has said before that he regards them all as “friends.” He is a friendly and relaxed person, especially after the 2009 season. He is also in a stable and happy relationship with Japanese model Jessica Michibata; who have recently moved in together for the Asian races. 

In contrast Hamilton has just come out of a high profile relationship with American singer Nicole Scherzinger and has been in the press over recent visits out with other girls. He also dropped his manager, who was his Father Anthony, and replaced him with Simon Fuller. This caused small rifts in the family but he is now has their full support. After his constant clashes with Massa he is under huge pressure to deliver results and that is getting to him mentally and physically.

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