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Season Review Interview Three: Ellis Crozier-Gittings

My third season review interview focuses on one of my friends.

As part of my 2011 season review, I am conducting a five-part interview series, where I have carefully selected five people to interview - about their opinions on the season that has just gone by. Here is the third interview.

My third interviewee is Ellis Crozier-Gittings. One of my closest friends, we met once in Manchester, to watch a demonstration by Jenson Button. Since then, I have helped him start a blog, and we are planning to do guest articles for each other over this off season. Ellis is a massive Lewis Hamilton fan, but also, as you will see in the answers, can see the talent of various other drivers.

Ellis preffered the 2010 season
1) Many people have said that this year's racing was better than 2010's, do you agree?
No, I think that last season’s was a lot better, due to not having the artificial aids, such as KERS and DRS. The racing was also very varied, not going into a race knowing what the result would be, and we also had many different winners. I thought the 3 leading teams did an amazing job to give us the racing we had, battling all the way through the season. The midfield battle has been better this year, but the leaders have been very disappointing.
2) In your opinion, what was the best Grand Prix of this 19-race season?
Germany, because the DRS actually worked, and the racing we saw was fantastic. The battle for the lead was amazing, with Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso on top of their game, and a race where Sebastian Vettel wasn’t on the podium!!
3) And who would you say was the best driver of the season?
Well, you can’t really say anyone but Vettel. 11 race wins, 15 poles, dominating the season, finishing it in Japan. He has been sublime, and deserved his title.
4) Who do you think were the most improved team in 2011?
Easily Force India, I though they were amazing. They frequently grabbed points, and were easily the best midfield team, aside Mercedes.
5) Sebastian Vettel drove an almighty season, winning eleven races. Which of those wins do you think was most impressive?
Monaco, even though the red flag helped him. He drove 60-odd laps on a set of tyres, picked the perfect lines to defend the pressure, and won on a track he needed to, and where everyone would love to win.
6) In your opinion, what was the single best drive of the season?

Ellis was impressed with Di Resta
 Lewis Hamilton in Germany, he was very good, pushed a car that had no right to be where he was, drove very well defensively, made 2 amazing overtakes on Alonso and Webber, and deserved his win.
7) We had four rookies this season; Pastor Maldonado, Jerome D'Ambrosio, Paul di Resta and Sergio Perez. Who in your opinion was the most impressive in 2011?
Paul Di Resta, because he has worked very hard to make an name for himself. He has also drove consistently in race trim, and also was quick over 1 lap.
8) What were your thoughts on the Pirelli tyres this season?
The best addition of this season, added strategy and tyre wear problems, which created races like China.
9) What were your thoughts on the KERS system this season?
Don’t really like it, but better then DRS. I think it is better for strategy then actual straight overtaking, because the car in front has it too, so you don’t gain much, if he uses it at the same time as you.
10) What were your thoughts on the DRS system this season?
Don’t like it at all. It only worked a couple of times, and is way too artificial.
11) A lot has been made of Michael Schumacher in the last two years, do you think he will ever win another race, or even reach the podium?
Of course. He needs the right Mercedes, and a good team backing him. He obviously has the talent, as Canada showed, and I think he will win a race next season, around 1 of the ‘original’ tracks, like Spa and Monaco.
12) I recently wrote an article discussing my thoughts on the best driver on the grid, narrowing it down to Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, and then stating that I believe Alonso is the best. Who are your top three, and of those three, who is the best?
Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel,  Fernando Alonso in no particular order.
13) In one word: Who will win the 2012 Constructor's Championship?
14) In one word: Who will win the 2012 Driver's Championship?
Lewis Hamilton.

So there are Ellis' answers, I hope you enjoyed them. Please do leave a comment, and let us know what you thought of his answers.

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