Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Season Review Interview Two: Wasif Anowar

This is the second interview in my five-part series, with Wasif Anowar.

As part of my 2011 season review, I am conducting a five-part interview series, where I have carefully selected five people to interview - about their opinions on the season that has just gone by. Here is the second interview.

Wasif Anowar is a huge Formula One fan, from Bangladesh. Wasif is a huge Formula One fan, and also follows Moto GP. We have spoken on many times and I asked if he would be interested in an interview.
Fortunately he said yes! Here he answers the same questions I asked to Jack yesterday.

1) Many people have said that this year's racing was better than 2010's, would you agree?
Yes I would

2) In your opinion, what was the best Grand Prix of this 19-race season?

3) And who would you say was the best driver of the season?

4) Who do you think were the most improved team in 2011?
Force India

5) Sebastian Vettel drove an almighty season, winning eleven races. Which of those wins do you think was most impressive?
For sure Italy, it takes a lot of heart to pass Alonso

6) In your opinion, what was the single best drive of the season?
Button in Canada. But I think his performance in Belgium was also notable

7) We had four rookies this season; Pastor Maldonado, Jerome D'Ambrosio, Paul di Resta and Sergio Perez. Who in your opinion was the most impressive in 2011?
Paul Di Resta

8) What were your thoughts on the Pirelli tyres this season?
They did a great job but coming to the last quater they turned out to be Bridgestone again

9) What were your thoughts on the KERS system this season?
Nothing,but I think in the future it shouldn't be limited

10) What were your thoughts on the DRS system this season?
Some place good but 80% times produced fake racing

11) A lot has been made of Michael Schumacher in the last two years, do you think he will ever win another race, or even reach the podium?
Yes for both. He is no longer the old 'Schumi' but in some races (Belgium,Canada) he proved that he is still capable of doing what other can, just need a good enough car under him.

12) I recently wrote an article discussing my thoughts on the best driver on the grid, narrowing it down to Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, and then stating that I believe Alonso is the best. Who are your top three, and of those three, who is the best?
No wonder you had Alonso? Kidding.
My top 3 has to be Alonso, Hamilton & Vettel, & among the three I would love to have Hamilton in my team

13) In one word: Who will win the 2012 Constructor's Championship?
Red Bull

14) In one word: Who will win the 2012 Driver's Championship?

So those are Wasif's answers. Please do leave a comment on this interview, I'm sure he'd love to know your thoughts.

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